Delegates’ registration

Delegates’ registration
Within the delegates’ registration we offer the following services
  • On-line delegates registration system and personal account
  • Automated financial filing for services payment
  • Automated email notifications
  • Credit card online payment and e-payments
  • Delegate database management system
  • Registration desk management

Registration management level can impact on the general visitors’ impression of your event. The delegates value their time. And we value the convenience of each delegate.

On-site registration is arranged by the competent and friendly personnel willing to pay the special attention to each delegate and solve any arisen problems shortly. Zoning in front of registration desk, convenient system of information booths and signboards – there’s no such things as trivial details in registration management.

The event websites under our development contain the online registration system. It is easy in use and allows the delegates to register and pay the registration fee without extra time spending and technical failures, and for organizers to get the necessary information on delegates to the full extent.

Promptness and convenience for delegates