Venue management

Venue management
Within operations with the venue we provide the following services
  • Venue selection
  • Information boards, booths, schedule and etc.
  • Technical support coordination
  • Event logistics
  • On-site registration
  • Seating chart, screens, tribunes, presidium placing etc.

The delegates’ attitude to the event consists of a several details. Only well experienced people in event organizing and business processing called “professionals” can provide everything you need.

Delegates and guests are not always aware of all the questions connected with preliminary preparation of the congress. Within venue management we consider a set of details to provide rather comfortable conditions for delegates.

We use zoning in front of registration desk, we apply convenient system of information booths and sign boards. We think over seating and placing the screens so that the speaker and presidium were visible from any angle of a hall. If necessary we install the additional screens where the speaker video speech and presentation would broadcast.

We achieve the well-functioning operations with equipment, high quality of simultaneous interpretation; and translators always use the professional terms.

For coffee breaks we choose spacious air-conditioned lodgings because we understand the importance of informal communication with speakers and colleagues at conferences.

The exhibitions build-up we arrange in such a way to organize ideally the flows of people and to provide visitors’ access to each booth excluding "crowding".

Apparently, due to all these insignificant details visitors can get the impression on the event in whole. When everything works proper way, the delegate doesn't notice. He focuses himself on the scientific program, communication with colleagues. But if, at least, one of these components works improperly, the general impression on the event will be "blurred".

We do not only book the halls but also assume negotiations with a venue on granting favorable conditions and discounts to organizers. Today we have a set of special offers from the venues of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities of Russia.

Important: attention to details