Drive sponsorship and exhibition management

Drive sponsorship and exhibition management
We provide the following services on sponsors’ involvement and exhibition management
  • Sales strategy development
  • Sponsors’ packages development
  • Active work one exponents and sponsors involvement
  • Exhibition project and buildup
  • Potential sponsors and exponents determination
  • Event valuation for sponsors and exponents
  • New business contacts establishment and tightening up of existing relationship on behalf of Organizing Committee
  • Effective management of exhibition space

While planning the budget jointly with Organizing Committee we draft the event expenses plan. After this the necessary revenue that needs to be covered using the sponsors’ funds, is being determined. Practically each event requires sponsorship. Sponsors and exponents contribution in conference budget, as a rule, composes from 40 till 100%.

The development of sponsors’ packages we start with event valuation for the companies. Only after this we create the information materials texts and design for the exponents and sponsors, the negotiation scripts. Often it is very important for the sponsors the mass media mention of their companies. Inclusive of their requirements we draft the event promotion plan, marketing and PR activities.

The employees specialized in working with sponsors and exponents support the communication with the companies during the event preparation period.

We know all the organizational details of exhibition space. Exhibition layout plan is developed to organize the streams of people in such an optimal way and to provide the customers with the access to every booth in order to avoid “crowds”.

The cooperation with our company will allow you not only to increase the event budget but also to give you time for focusing on more important tasks related to the event management.

Event revenue increase